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Shipment & Delivery

Free shipping to the Netherlands when you spend more than €50. For shipments outside the Netherlands we have free shipping when you spend more than €120. Your products will arrive at your home as soon as possible.

Privacy & Security

All your personal information is safe with us, we will never provide your personal information to the rest of the world.

Return & Exchange

Are you not satisfied with the product? Let us know as soon as possible , within 14 days, and you will get the entire purchase amount back after we received the product. You are the important one!


Making an order via TrenChic.com can be easily done on the webshop but can also be done by mail or cellphone. A lot of different payment methods can be used. (Are you thinking about making a big order? Do not hesitate and let us know! We will give a big discount for big orders!)

Payment, Prices & Sales

TrenChic.com has the right to refuse certain payments, change the prices and shorten the sales periode. Questions about this? Do not hesitate and let us know!

Previous orders

TrenChic.com gives you the possibility to check previous orders, you only need to be logged in on your account. Have you purchased your products as guest? Go to order tracking to track your order. If you not see your previous orders, do not hesitate and let us know so we can look at the possibilities.

Change account information

At any time you can change your account information, log in to your account and change your personal information. Any questions? Do not hesitate and contact us for these questions!

Table of content:

Article 1 – Definitions
Article 2 – Application
Article 3 – Delivery
Article 4 – Guarantee
Article 5 – Contacts
Article 6 – Confidentiality
Article 7 – Processing of personal data
Article 8 – Prices
Article 9 – Invoicing and payment
Article 10 – Non-performance
Article 11 – Liability
Article 12 – Force majeure
Article 13 – Cancellation
Article 14 – Documentation
Article 15 – Identity of the entrepreneur

The following terms in these Purchasing Conditions are written with initial capitals and are defined as follows.

1.1 Schedule

a document attached to the Contract which, when initialled by both parties, forms part of the Contract.

1.2 Documentation

the manuals or other user instructions accompanying the Product, in Dutch or another language agreed between the Parties.

1.3 Purchasing Conditions

these General Purchasing Conditions, which apply to and form part of the Contract.

1.4 Purchaser

Purchaser using these Purchasing Conditions.

1.5 Supplier

the Purchaser’s counterparty.

1.6 Delivery

the delivery of the Product, including its assembly or installation in accordance with the requirements set out on the webshop.

1.7 Contract

the written agreement between the Purchaser and the Supplier to which these Purchasing Conditions are declared to be applicable (Most of the time the purchasing receipt).

1.8 Party

the Purchaser or the Supplier, depending on the context.

1.9 Product

the movable item(s) to be delivered to the Purchaser by the Supplier under the agreements.


Amendments or additions to the Contract or derogations from certain Purchasing Conditions are binding only if they have been explicitly agreed in writing between the Parties.


Unless agreed otherwise in writing, Delivery of the Product by the Supplier will take place on the agreed delivery date(s) or within the agreed delivery period(s) at the delivery address and delivery location specified by the Purchaser.


The agreed delivery date(s) or period(s) are considered to be fixed and final. If the Product is not delivered to the agreed location within the agreed period, the Purchaser has the right to get their purchase amount back.


The Purchaser has the right to defer Delivery, unless this would place a disproportionate burden on the Supplier.


The Supplier guarantees that the delivered Product complies with the Contract, is free of defects.


The Purchaser may no longer invoke the fact that the Product does not comply with the Contract if it has not notified the Supplier accordingly in writing within 14 days of discovering this fact.


The Supplier guarantees that the delivered Product is free of any special encumbrance or restriction that the Purchaser has not accepted explicitly and in writing. The Supplier indemnifies the Purchaser against all claims in this regard.


The Purchaser has a guarantee period of 6 months.


Each Party will designate a contact to maintain contacts in relation to the performance of the Contract. The Parties will notify each other of the person they have appointed as their contact.


The Supplier will not divulge in any way any information that is provided by the Purchaser or that is made known to it or comes to its knowledge, which it knows or may reasonably suspect to be confidential, except in so far as it is compelled to divulge such information under a statutory regulation or court ruling.


The Supplier will impose the duty of confidentiality referred to in this article on all staff it engages in the performance of the Contract and will ensure that this duty is observed.


If the Supplier breaches its duty of confidentiality, the Purchaser may impose a penalty, as laid down in the Contract. Payment of the penalty, which is payable forthwith, does not discharge the Supplier from its liability for indemnifying any loss caused by the breach.


In so far as the Supplier, as a processor within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation, processes personal data for the Purchaser in the framework of the implementation of the Personal Data Agreement, the Supplier guarantees the application of appropriate technical and organisational measures, so that processing meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the protection of the data subjects is ensured. The Supplier will process personal data only for and on the basis of written instructions from the Purchaser, barring statutory rules to the contrary.


The Parties will regulate the processing of personal data by the Supplier for the Purchaser by means of an agreement.


Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the prices agreed for the Product include the costs of taxes, import duties, packaging costs, disposal costs, and are stated in euros.


The prices for the Product are fixed, unless the Contract specifies the circumstances that may lead to a price adjustment and the manner in which such an adjustment should be made.


The Supplier will invoice the Purchaser for the delivered Product at the agreed prices. The Supplier will send the invoice to the email-address specified by the Purchaser, stating the date and order number, the VAT amount and other details requested by the Purchaser.


The Supplier will send the invoice electronically so that it can be received and processed electronically.


The Purchaser will pay the prices for the delivered Product within 30 days of receiving the invoice if it satisfies the provisions of the Contract. If the Purchaser fails without good reason to pay an invoice within this period, it will automatically be liable to pay.

      1. Compensation as referred to in article 6:96, paragraph 4 of the Dutch Civil Code, and
      2. Statutory interest as referred to in article 6:119b of the Dutch Civil Code. The compensation and interest will be payable on demand.

If the delivered Product does not comply with the guarantees referred to in article 4, the Purchaser may demand that the Supplier repair or replace the Product. The associated costs will be borne by the Supplier.

Unless agreed otherwise, a Party that imputably fails to discharge its obligations is liable to the other Party for any damage incurred by the other Party.


In the event of temporary force majeure, the Supplier will immediately notify the Purchaser in writing after the circumstances bringing about force majeure have occurred, stating the cause of the force majeure. The Purchaser has then the right to cancel the order and get the purchase amount back.


Without prejudice to the other provisions of the Contract, either Party may cancel the Contract in full or in part by a registered letter, without being obliged to pay any compensation to the other Party.


In the event of force majeure, the Purchaser has the right to cancel the Contract in accordance with the provisions of article 13.


If the Contract is cancelled, the Supplier will repay the undue amounts already paid to it by the Purchaser.


The Supplier will provide the Purchaser with clear, adequate Documentation, drawn up in Dutch or another agreed language, on the price(s) and product(s).


Address; Vlietoevers 44, 2275DA Voorburg, Nederland (no visiting address)

Telephone number: 10:00-18:00 +31 639687969

Email: service@trenchic.com

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